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Forward Plan of Key Decisions, 2024

Decision making in the Combined Authority

Decisions are made in the Combined Authority in one of two ways: either through our decision making committees or by officers who have been given delegated powers to make decisions.

The most significant type of decision made by the Combined Authority is known as a ‘key decision’.

Forward Plan of Key Decisions

The Combined Authorities (Overview & Scrutiny Committees, Access to Information and Audit Committees) Order 2017 requires the Combined Authority to publish a notice of any key decisions it intends to make 28 clear days in advance of that decision being taken.

What is a ‘key decision’?

A key decision is a decision which is likely to:

The Combined Authority’s Access to Information Annex provides more details about which decisions will be treated as key decisions.

The Forward Plan of Key Decisions provides brief details about the key decisions we expect to be taken at least 28 clear days in advance of the decision being taken. The Plan is published on the website and contains specific information relating to each decision, including the date the decision will be made, how it will be made, a brief description of the topic and contact details of the lead officer. Further information on plan items and background documents can be obtained by contacting the Governance Services team at

Occasionally a decision may need to be made urgently, which means it cannot be entered onto the Forward Plan. Where a key decision will need to be taken more urgently than it would be possible to give 28 days’ notice, General Exception or Special Urgency provisions apply.

Officer Decision Making

The Officer Delegation Scheme provides details of which officers can make decisions and what decisions they are able to make.

The most significant types of decisions made by officers are recorded in writing and are published on our website.


The Combined Authority has a number of committees which enable it to make decisions, set policy and ensure robust scrutiny of decisions and provide strict governance and audit.

Committee agendas and reports are published on the website seven days before the meeting date. Minutes are published once they become public documents, which is when they have been considered by West Yorkshire Combined Authority and approved.

If you require any further information please contact us at the following email address:

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