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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
BHF St Cecilia Street (Leeds) ref: 162829/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Plane Street (Kirklees) ref: 162729/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Parkwood Mills (Kirklees) ref: 162629/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Middlecross Extra Care (Leeds) ref: 162529/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Leeds City Village Phase 1 (Leeds) ref: 162429/02/202408/03/20240
Kirkby Road (Oaklands) (Wakefield) ref: 162329/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Hough Top Court (Leeds) ref: 162229/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Elland Town Hall (Calderdale) ref: 162129/02/202408/03/20240
BHF Bradford Road Idle (Bradford) ref: 162029/02/202408/03/20240