Agenda item

Governance Arrangements

(Led by: Roger Marsh, Author: Angela Taylor)


·         Constitution

·         Procedure Rules

·         Access to Information Annex

·         Code of Practice for Recording Meetings

·         LEP Whistleblowing Policy

·         Confidential complaints procedure

·         Recruitment Procedure for Private Sector representatives

·         Best Practice Recommendations

·         Members’ Code of Conduct

·         Procedure for considering complaints

·         Conflicts of Interest Policy

·         Conflicts of Interest Protocol


The Board considered a report of the Director of Corporate Services on the governance documents for the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and reviewed appendices 1-12 which were attached to the submitted report. 


In respect of standards arrangements, it was reported that some of the proposed amendments to the LEP Board Members’ Code of Conduct and the Procedure for Considering Complaints about Conduct follow best practice recommendations made by the Committee on Standards in Public Life in its report on standards in local government and these were attached at Appendix 8. Although the report did not directly address standards for local enterprise partnerships, the Head of Legal and Governance Services has reviewed the LEP’s arrangements against the best practice recommendations and consequently, some amendments are proposed to further enhance transparency and promote high standards of conduct.


Resolved:  That the following LEP’s governance documents, attached to the submitted report, be approved:


·         Appendix 1 : LEP Constitution

·         Appendix 2 : LEP Procedure Rules

·         Appendix 3 : Access to Information Annex

·         Appendix 4 : Code of Practice for recording meetings

·         Appendix 5 : LEP Whistleblowing Policy

·         Appendix 6 : LEP’s Confidential Complaints Procedure

·         Appendix 7 : Recruitment Procedure for Private Sector Representatives

·         Appendix 9 :  LEP Board Members’ Code of Conduct

·         Appendix 10: LEP Procedure for considering complaints alleging a failure to comply with the LEP Board Members’ Code of Conduct

·         Appendix 11: Conflicts of Interest Policy

·         Appendix 12: Conflicts of Interest Protocol

Supporting documents: