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Decisions published

13/10/2020 - Amendment to the Leeds City Region Assurance Framework ref: 905    Recommendations Approved

To ensure that the Assurance Framework is up to date and fit for purpose.

Decision Maker: Head of Legal and Governance Services

Decision published: 13/10/2020

Effective from: 13/10/2020


To update the Assurance Framework as follows:

• Appendix 5 – Update wording to reflect the responsibilities of undertaking the work and reporting based on the methods undertaken.

The amendments are show as tracked changes on the attached Appendix 1.

Lead officer: Caroline Allen

09/10/2020 - City Connect - Phase 3 - Leeds ref: 904    Recommendations Approved

Approval for the scheme to progress through Activity 5 (Full Business Case with finalised costs) and work commence on Activity 6 (Delivery).

Decision Maker: Managing Director

Decision published: 12/10/2020

Effective from: 21/10/2020


To approve that:


·       The CityConnect Phase 3: Leeds scheme proceeds through decision point 5 and work commences on activity 6 (Delivery).


·       Approval to the total scheme value of £6.355 million is given, to be fully funded from the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund.


The Combined Authority enters into an addendum to the existing Funding Agreement with Leeds City Council for expenditure of up to £6.355 million from the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund.

Lead officer: Robert Griffiths