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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
CityConnect Phase 3 – Castleford Greenway Phase 4 ref: 89411/09/202011/09/2020Not for call-in
Transforming Travel Centres ref: 89311/09/202011/09/2020Not for call-in
Covid 19 - Impacts and Recovery ref: 89104/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Carbon Reduction Pathways and Connectivity Plan Update ref: 89204/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund ref: 87204/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Warm Homes Fund ref: 88004/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Park and Ride Temple Green Expansion ref: 88404/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Leeds Liverpool Canal ref: 88304/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Leeds City Centre 'Grey to Green' ref: 87604/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Knottingley Skills, Business and Services Hub ref: 88604/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Huddersfield George Hotel acquisition and remedial works ref: 87404/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Holbeck Phase 2 Victorian Terrace Retrofit ref: 87804/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund – Halifax Beech Hill ref: 87904/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Enterprise Zones Bradford Parry Lane and Wakefield Langthwaite ref: 88704/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Dewsbury Arcade ref: 88104/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Business Growth Programme ref: 87304/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Business Gigabit Voucher Scheme ref: 88504/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Brighouse A6025 Reconstruction ref: 87504/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Bradford One City Park ref: 87704/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Getting Building Fund - Bradford 'City Village' Phase 1 ref: 88204/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Adult Education Budget Devolution ref: 88804/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Strategic Economic Framework ref: 88904/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Brownfield Housing Fund ref: 85804/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Enterprise Zone - Langthwaite ref: 87004/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Tong Street A650 Highway ref: 86804/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Statement of Common Ground ref: 89004/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Capital Spending and Project Approvals ref: 85504/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Covid-19 ref: 85404/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
CityConnect Phase 3 Canals ref: 86404/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
A660 Headingley Hills ref: 86904/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Corridor Improvement Programme Phase 2 ref: 85704/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
City Connect Extension to West Bradford - Cycle Superhighway Extension ref: 86704/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Transforming Access to Brighouse and Elland Railway Stations ref: 86504/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Transforming bus and active travel opportunities between Dewsbury and Bradford (A638) ref: 86604/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Connecting employment and skills centres in Dewsbury ref: 86004/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
South Bradford Park & Ride and Smart Guideway ref: 86104/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Active and Sustainable Travel in Bradford ref: 85904/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Network Navigation - West Yorkshire ref: 86204/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Bradford Interchange Station Access ref: 86304/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Dewsbury-Batley-Tingley Sustainable Travel Corridor ref: 85604/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
A61 North ref: 87104/09/202015/09/2020Call-in expired
Corporate Technology Programme – Meeting Room Technology ref: 85328/08/202028/08/2020Not for call-in
Digital Inward Investment Fund/Strategic Inward Investment Fund ref: 85228/08/202028/08/2020Not for call-in