Issue - decisions

CityConnect Phase 3 Canals

07/09/2020 - CityConnect Phase 3 Canals

Resolved:  In respect of City Connect Phase 3 Canals -

That following a recommendation from the Investment Committee, the Combined Authority approves:

(i)     That the CityConnect Phase 3 canalsproject proceeds through decision point 3 (outline business case)and work commences on activity 5 (full business case with final costs).

(ii)    That an indicative approval to the total project value of £1.363 millionis granted from the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund, with full approval to spend being granted once the scheme has progressed through the assurance process to decision point 5 (full business case with finalised costs).

(iii)   That future approvals are made in accordance with the assurance pathway and approval route outlined in the submitted report including at decision point 5 through a delegation to the Combined Authority’s Managing Director following a recommendation by the Combined Authority’s Programme Appraisal Team.  This will be subject to the scheme remaining within the tolerances outlined in the report.