Issue - decisions

A629 (Phase 2)

04/09/2019 - A629 (Phase 2)

(i)           That in respect of the change request to the A692 phase 2 project the Investment Committee approves:

a)        That the change request to the A629 phase 2 project for additional funding of £632,000 from the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund, taking the total approval to £3.613 million.

b)        That the change request for the A629 phase 2 project to extend delivery timescales, with forecast completion now revised to September 2023.

c)         That the Combined Authority enters into an addendum to the existing funding agreement with Calderdale Council to reflect the revised timescales and for additional expenditure of £632,000, taking the total value to £3.613 million to be funded from the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund.

d)        That future approvals are made in accordance with the assurance pathway and approval route outlined in this report including at decision point 4 and 5 through a delegation to the Combined Authority’s Managing Director following a recommendation by the Combined Authority’s Programme Appraisal Team. This will be subject to the scheme remaining within the tolerances outlined in this report.