Agenda item

Panel and Committee Reports


The Board discussed and noted the Panel and Committee updates which were presented to the Board for information.


Members noted the Business Communications Group update and noted that the business communities had expressed an interest in being involved in the workshop sessions being held to seek initial views on the Local Industrial Strategy and Skills Commission.


In respect of the Business Innovation and Growth Panel, it was reported that positive findings of the productivity pilot were now emerging.  The pilot had invited businesses to apply for grants to support capital investments and details were outlined in the report.


In noting the Employment & Skills Panel update, it was reported that the Combined Authority had been successful in its application to the Careers and Enterprise Company for a pan-regional Leeds City Region SEND Careers Hub.  The Hub was due to commence delivery in September 2019.


The update on the Green Economy Panel’s major projects and programmes was noted.  It was reported that a key piece of work was setting a carbon reduction target for the City Region and it was proposed to hold four workshops involving key stakeholders prior to a media event on 10 July 2019.  It was reported that a joint working group between the Transport Committee and Green Economy Panel was being established to support the delivery of the Energy Strategy and Delivery Plan (ESDP) and its carbon dioxide emission reduction ambitions.


In respect of the Capital Programme (Investment Committee) update, the Growth Deal Dashboard for the year end performance attached at Appendix 1 to the submitted report was noted.  Members were advised that as the LEP Board had not met before the 24 May 2019 deadline, the Growth Deal CLoG (Cities and Local Growth Unit) Monitoring Dashboard for Quarter 4, 2018/19 had been signed off by the Combined Authority’s Section 73 Officer.  The dashboard was attached at Appendix 3 and was endorsed by the LEP Board.


The Panel, Committee and Group Chairs were thanked for their updates.




(i)         That the Panel, Committee and Group updates be noted.


(ii)        That the CLoG monitoring dashboard be endorsed for sign off by the LEP Chair.

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