Agenda and draft minutes

Inclusive Growth and Public Policy Panel
Tuesday, 4th December, 2018 2.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room A, Wellington House, Leeds. View directions

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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Keith Aspden, Cathy Scott and Liz Town-Andrews, Mike Hawking.


Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


There were no pecuniary interests declared by members at the meeting.


Possible exclusion of the press and public


There were no items on the agenda requiring the exclusion of the press and public.


Minutes of the meeting held on 4 September 2018 pdf icon PDF 110 KB


Resolved: That the minutes of the Inclusive growth and Public Policy Panel held on the 4 September be approved.


Local Inclusive Industrial Strategy and Leeds City Region Policy Framework pdf icon PDF 158 KB

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The Panel was updated on the development of a Policy Framework and a Local Inclusive Industrial Strategy for Leeds City Region.


The Panel was informed that government is co-producing industrial strategies in waves and Leeds City Region will be in wave 3. The Panel heard that inclusive growth will be embedded in the Leeds City Region Industrial Strategy.


A draft prospectus had been produced which identified areas for improvement in the existing knowledge base. Gaps in the knowledge base, including productivity, innovation networks and supply chains, will be addressed. The Panel was informed that the approach to the evidence base will be as inclusive as possible with community groups and young people to be involved.


The ongoing work regarding the Local Inclusive Industrial strategy will be reported to the Inclusive Growth Panel in addition to the LEP Board.


Members discussed the Policy Framework and how the inclusive growth strand could apply to the region. Members reiterated a need for a meaningful, well-defined, approach to inclusive growth with a real focus on practical measures. It was felt that a clear definition of inclusive growth would help promote the work of the Panel. The Panel was informed that the Policy Framework would evolve and change and that their comments would be taken on board. 




(i)            That the progress made on the development of the evidence base be noted.


(ii)          That the proposed way forward on the development of the evidence base be endorsed.




Workshop Report pdf icon PDF 126 KB

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The Panel discussed the outcomes of their first workshop held in November. The key areas of discussion included good work, digital inclusion and health and these will form part of the Panel’s work programme.


Members were pleased with the quality and depth of discussion and looked forward to future workshops. The Panel discussed the opportunity to build on the discussion by visiting sites and projects across the districts. It was felt that this would provide the Panel with the opportunity to further investigate local best practice and see what can be learned or upscaled. The Kirklees community hubs was suggested as a possible example.


It was suggested that officers would report back to the Chair and Chief Executive member with a future workshop program.


Resolved: To note that the Panel held its first workshop in November and that the key points raised and discussions considered in the report and elsewhere on the agenda should inform the Panel’s work programme.


Digital Inclusion pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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The Panel considered a report about Digital Inclusion. The Panel was informed that the Digital Framework consultation was endorsed by the LEP board and provided a mandate to address digital inclusion.


The Panel discussed some of the work being carried out across the districts on digital inclusion. In particular, the work Leeds City Council was carrying out with Good Things Foundation was identified as a leading scheme in the area.


The report outlined various possible actions and the Panel discussed possible approaches to address digital inclusion and felt that a better understanding of the regional context was required. This included collecting baseline data so as to more clearly understand the regional picture and to see what can be up scaled from the districts. The Panel requested more detail around the financial impact of the different options outlined in the report as well as likely outcomes at local level. The Panel also requested an update on the progress of the broadband rollout.


Resolved: That the Panel discussed the opportunities around digital inclusion activity and provided a steer on the suggested direction of travel.


Health and Healthy Streets pdf icon PDF 141 KB

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The Panel and workshop had previously considered a number of issues around public health which had been identified as a central part of the inclusive growth agenda, including the need to reduce health inequalities. In relation to this, the Panel was provided with a presentation on the proposed West Yorkshire Healthy Streets initiative which included plans to implement ‘demonstration projects’ in each of the five districts, with a particular focus on the inclusive growth corridors and driving health improvements.


It was recognised that Healthy Streets encompassed multiple policy agendas, including transport, public health, place making and inclusive growth. The Panel discussed how the Healthy Streets initiative may fit into its work. It was noted that while Healthy Streets sits with the Transport Committee and the individual districts at an operational level, there was an opportunity for the Panel to feed into the design of the proposed demonstrators at a more strategic level, in order, for example, to maximise public health improvements. It was suggested therefore that there could usefully be an emphasis placed through the demonstrators on addressing health inequalities and reducing air pollution in our most deprived communities.


The Panel requested more evidence and further thinking around the inclusive growth applications with a particular focus on health inequalities.  


Resolved: That the Panel discussed the opportunities around health, and in particular the proposed regional Healthy Streets initiative, and provided a steer on the Panel’s preferred role in shaping the regional approach.


Good Work pdf icon PDF 134 KB

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The Panel considered a report about Good Work and was informed of some of the activities already in place to promote Good Work. The Panel noted the funding made available by the Business Rates Pool Committee for inclusive growth projects designed to drive good work and it was suggested that the Panel could liaise with the Business Rates Pool Committee to gain further insight.


The Panel was provided with a presentation from Bill Adams from TUC which outlined the TUC’s ‘Great Jobs’ Agenda. The Agenda provided a series of criteria for ‘great jobs’. The Panel commended the ‘Great Jobs’ Agenda and discussed how it might be worked towards. Some suggestions included using aspects of the Great Jobs agenda as criteria for business awards and championing the Good Work agenda to promote change.


Resolved: That the current range of activity across the City Region be noted and that the Panel discuss a future focus around good employment.





Funding Opportunities pdf icon PDF 133 KB

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The Panel considered a report about the funding opportunities available to drive inclusive growth across the region. The Panel noted the projects funded through the Business Rates Pool as well as the Growing Places Fund.


The Panel was informed that options for funding would be presented at the next meeting, including an update regarding the use of the Growing Places Fund for inclusive growth purposes.


Resolved: That the current and potential funding streams to drive inclusive growth across the City Region be noted.


Governance Arrangements pdf icon PDF 109 KB


The Panel discussed the possibility of reviewing its membership and recruiting new private sector members. It was noted that it was important for future members to come from a diverse range of backgrounds and represent different viewpoints on the inclusive growth agenda.


Some possible options were outlined for the Panel including the possibility of a full scale recruitment process for all LEP Panels with new members appointed in the summer, subject to a steer on process from the LEP Board. The importance of an inclusive recruitment policy was noted.


Resolved: To consider any changes to the membership of the Panel which would be useful to help progress the work programme.


Date of the next meeting - 1 March 2019