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Petitions Regarding Bus Services

Meeting: 17/11/2017 - Transport Committee (Item 35)

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To consider the attached report.

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The Committee considered a report asking it to establish a procedure under which petitions concerning matters relating to bus services may be considered by WYCA.  Members were also asked to consider a petition received in relation to bus services between Bradford and Otley. 


It was reported that WYCA receives and responds to a range of customer feedback on matters relating to bus services together with correspondence from elected members and MPs.

From time to time, a complainant will gather signatures in support of a matter which they wish to be considered by Transport Committee.


Many of the petitions submitted relate to the provision and operation of bus services.  WYCA procures bus services under its powers to provide Socially Necessary Bus Services for which policy and guidelines have been adopted by the Committee.  The Committee does not have the power to direct bus operators to provide a service and its ability to resolve many of the matters raised in such petitions can be limited.  Nevertheless, WYCA has a role to ensure the interests of its residents are considered by transport operators and has established the District Consultation Sub Committees to facilitate this.


To assist prospective petitioners where the matter raised concerns the provision, amendment or withdrawal of a bus service or a matter relating to the cost of bus travel a procedure was proposed, as detailed at Appendix 1 of the submitted report.


In the absence of such a procedure, the Transport Committee Bus Services Working Group considered a petition from Mr Shillito, seeking reinstatement of bus service 653 between Bradford and Otley, at its meeting of 31 October 2017 and resolved to refer it to the Committee.




(i)                 That the procedure for considering petitions relating to bus services, as set out in Appendix 1 of the submitted report, be adopted.


(ii)               That in relation to his petition seeking reinstatement of bus service 653 between Bradford and Otley, as detailed in the submitted report Mr Shillito be advised that reinstatement of the service under contract with WYCA would not be in accordance with the guidelines established by the Committee.