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CityConnect (CCAG) Programme Update

Meeting: 17/11/2017 - Transport Committee (Item 36)

36 CityConnect (CCAG) Programme Update pdf icon PDF 367 KB

To consider the attached report.


The Committee considered an update report on progress with delivery of the two phases of the CityConnect Programme, including the ongoing financial risk, and note the recommended approach for the release of Cycle City Ambition Grant (CCAG) funding to deliver schemes currently on the reserve list.


As reported to the Committee on 7 July 2017 it had been necessary to re-scope the programme and include some Phase 2 projects on a reserve list pending further information on costs, deliverability and value for money.  Following that review it was now intended that three schemes, as detailed in the submitted report, be brought forward for delivery through funding agreements with each of the delivery partners.


Members were also asked to consider approving the proposed spend of £86k after an award to WYCA from the Department for Transport to support the development of a comprehensive Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for West Yorkshire, as per the Government’s recommended approach set out in the national Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS).




(i)                 That the approach to managing the CCAG budget, ongoing risk, and the commencement of the following projects to delivery, be noted:


·         York Scarborough Bridge

·         Wakefield – Castleford Phase 2 and Bridge

·         Wakefield – Castleford Phase 3


(ii)               To note that the remaining projects, as detailed at 2.10 of the submitted report, will not be taken forward to delivery through CCAG funding at this time, and alternative means of funding will be sought.


(iii)             That the proposed expenditure of £86k for the development of Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans, funded through DfT revenue grant funding, be approved.